Those who do not operate solely within Charedi enclaves must interact with the cultural climate around them, and especially those involved in outreach will necessarily come into contact with Jews troubled by the issues raised by modern biblical scholarship. How do they respond?
by Dr. Rabbi Lawrence Grossman
A new analysis of compositional layers suggests that God responds to Korah’s rebellion with patience and beauty—until someone changed the ending.
by Dr. Jason M. H. Gaines
A medieval Jewish philosophical perspective on the revelation at Sinai and Mosaic prophecy and its modern implications.
by Prof. Haim Kreisel
What is it about tzitzit that “recalls all the commandments of God and makes you observe them” (Num 15:39)? While the rabbis emphasize the importance of tzitzit, academic scholarship sheds light on what such a feature would have meant in an ANE context.
by Prof. Rabbi Martin Lockshin
Are Jews moving towards studying Torah with academic scholarship?

by Rabbi David D. Steinberg
Biblical scholarship has deepened our understanding of the Torah and at the same time challenges us to consider the implications of our declaring the Torah to be emet. What is emet and what does it mean to say that the Torah is emet?
A Symposium
Morally problematic halachot remain on the books despite rabbinic attempts to transform or reinterpret them. How do we relate to these texts as Torah from Sinai, coming from God?
by Dr. Rabbi Norman Solomon
The study of biblical criticism cuts to the very meaning of the value system of Modern Orthodoxy, i.e. forging a distinctive synthesis of modern culture with traditional values.
Dr. Steven Bayme
Toward a Sociology of Knowledge Analysis of
by Chaim I. Waxman
Is halacha still binding if one accepts biblical criticism? Can Torah be both divine and human at the same time?
A Symposium
“Happy is the one who seizes and dashes your babies against a rock!”(v. 9). Question: How are we supposed to read such a verse nowadays?
by 13 Respondents

by Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.
Four Answers to one question
by Dr. Baruch J. Schwartz


Fifty Years Ago—A Flashback
by Dr. Rabbi Lawrence Grossman
A Conceptual Foundation for Wrestling with Biblical Scholarship
by Rabbi David Bigman
Reflections on the Importance of Asking the Right Question
by Prof. Tamar Ross