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The Torah requires all Israelite soldiers to carry a shovel with them for covering their feces, outside the war camp, because God is in the camp.
by Professor Alan Cooper
Does ‘לא יבואו בקהל ה refer to Marriage or Citizenship?
by Dr. David Glatt-Gilad
A Test Case in Dealing with Morally Problematic Biblical Laws
by Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber
The original laws of the slandering husband (מוציא שם רע) and the Sotah — the woman accused by her husband of adultery — both take one party’s guilt as a given.
by Idan Dershowitz
The law of the בן סורר ומורה poses a number of problems. Like the rabbis, Josephus interprets the law, but his conclusions are quite different.

by Prof. Michael Avioz
Fifty Years Ago—A Flashback
by Dr. Rabbi Lawrence Grossman
On the religious challenge of academic biblical scholarship. Highlighting the new Hebrew book People of Faith and Biblical Criticism
by TABS Editors
The study of biblical criticism cuts to the very meaning of the value system of Modern Orthodoxy, i.e. forging a distinctive synthesis of modern culture with traditional values.
Dr. Steven Bayme
Toward a Sociology of Knowledge Analysis of TheTorah.com
by Chaim I. Waxman
by: Benyamim Tsedaka
devar Torah illustrating four aspects of Shavuot from critical and traditional perspectives
by Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Rosen

by Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.
Four Answers to one question
by Dr. Baruch J. Schwartz


The Origins of Shabbat: Essay 2
by Dr. Jacob L. Wright
A Conceptual Foundation for Wrestling with Biblical Scholarship
by Rabbi David Bigman
Reflections on the Importance of Asking the Right Question
by Prof. Tamar Ross