בראשית Genesis              שמות Exodus            ויקרא Leviticus          במדבר Numbers       דברים Deuteronomy




Before the Beginning:  Appreciating the Thought of an Ancient Cosmologist
Professor Ziony Zevit

Differing Conceptions of the Divine Creator
Prof. Marc Zvi Brettler

The Making of Adam: Understanding the Midrash in Light of Plato and the Pseudepigrapha  
Malka Simovich


The Torah’s Version of the Flood Story
Rabbi Norman Solomon Ph.D. 

The Flood Story in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context
Dr. Shalom E. Holtz

A Textual Study of Noah’s Flood

Noah’s Four Sons 
Dr. Tzemah Yoreh 

Tower of Babel: The Hidden Transcript
Prof. Ronald Hendel

Heretics, Mystics and Abraham’s Mother 
Rabbi David D. Steinberg

Lech Lecha

The Rabbinic Chronology of Lech Lecha 
Professor David R. Blumenthal

“The Land that I will Show You”
Who was Living  in the Land when Abraham Arrived?
Yigal Levin Ph.D.

How did Abraham Discover God?  
Part 1 – The Rationalistic Approach

Part 2- The Experiential Approach 
Rabbi Dr. Seth (Avi) Kadish

Abraham as the Great (Un)Circumciser :A Surprising Midrashic Portrait of Abraham 
Malka Simkovich


God’s Appearance to Abraham: Vision or Visit?
Dr. Ben Zion Katz 

The Promised Visit That Never Happens

Is Sarah Old and Withered or Young and Attractive When Kidnapped by Abimelech ?
Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber

Testing Abraham: Justice in Sodom before Loyalty in the Akedah
Prof. Reuven Kimelman

The Sacrifice of Isaac in Context: Recovering a Lost Ending of the Akedah
Dr Tzemah Yoreh

The Maimonidean Akedah
Dr. Chaim Trachtman

The Mysterious Land of Moriah

Chayei Sarah

The Portrayal of Abraham in The Testament of Abraham
Malka Z. Simkovich

Aging Gracefully 
Dr Erica Brown

Was Betuel Lavan’s Father?

 Abraham Premature Obituary  

Our Step Mother: Keturah 


Locating Beer-lahai-roi: When Geography Makes or Breaks a Storyline 
Dr. David Ben-Gad HaCohen

Reactive and Proactive : The Two Versions of Jacob 
Rabbi Dr. David Frankel 


Baby Naming: Biblical Rites and Mother’s Rights 
Hacham Dr. Isaac S. D. Sassoon

Jacob’s Deal with God 
Rabbi Zvi Grumet

Maternal Impressions – From Sheep to Humans 
Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.

The Covenant of Laban and Jacob at Gal-ed: A Textual Critical Analysis
Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.


Did Reuben Lie with Bilhah? Yes,  No, 
We Don’t talk about it!
Shani Tzoref Ph.D. 

Literary Parallels in Bereishit 34-38 and 1 Samuel 
Rabbi Shmuel Klitsner


The Historical and Literary Complexity of the Joseph Story
Prof. Athalya Brenner-Idan

Encountering the Documentary Hypothesis in the Joseph Story
Ben Sandler


A Tale of Twelve Brothers: Historical Symbolism and the Position of the Tribe of Benjamin
Dr. Yigal Levin

The “Conclusion” of Parashat Mikketz: Jacob’s Suspicion and the Brothers’ Choice
Miryam T. Brand, Ph.D.


God Goes Down to Egypt with Jacob: A Story for the Exiles
Professor Yairah Amit

What Did the Joseph Want From the Brothers? A Surprising Perspective 
Rabbi Dr. David R. Blumenthal 

Judah Recognizes Joseph: The Hidden Factor Behind His Speech
Dr B. Barry Levy


Jacobs Multiple Death Scenes: Bringing Parashat Vayechi to Life
Rabbi Dr. Zev farber

Mourning for Jacob at Goren ha-Atad − Across the Jordan
Dr  Dudu Cohen

Is the Torah a Pentateuch or Hexateuch? 
Prof. Marc Zvi Brettler 



The Exodus Story as Jewish Mnemohistory
Professor Carl S. Ehrlich

Moses, Aaron, and Miriam: Were They Siblings?
Hacham Dr. Isaac Sassoon

“All of Jacob’s Descents Numbered Seventy-Five”: The Opening of Exodus in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Prof. Marc Brettler

The Birth of Moses: Between Bible and Midrash שמות
Prof.  Jacob L. Wright

Don’t Call Me Hebrew! The Mysterious Origins of the First Anti-Semitic Slur
Dr. Yitzhaq Feder


Reconstructing the Priestly Moses: Making Sense of the Opening of Vaeira
Dr. Rabbi David Frankel

Source Criticism: It’s in the (Plague of) Blood
Prof. Marc Brettler 

The Ten Plagues and Egyptian Ecology: Could the Story Have Its Basis in Natural Phenomena?
Prof. Ziony Zevit

Reading the Plagues in their Ancient Egyptian Context
Professor Gary A. Rendsburg 

Motivating the Leadership of Israel – Plan B 
Rabbi Yoseif Bloch

The Resumptive Repetition (Wiederaufnahme) 

How God’s Revelation of the Name YHWH Continues to Enlighten 
An Introduction to One of the Pillars of the Documentary Hypothesis
Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber


The Origins of the Biblical Pesach
Dr. Kristine Garroway

“The First Month of the Year” 
Dr. Jonathan Ben-Dov


When Pharaoh’s Stubbornness Caught God by Surprise
Dr Rabbi David Frankel

The Historical Exodus: The Evidence for the Levites Leaving Egypt and  the Introduction of YHWH into Israel 
Prof. Richard Elliott Friedman

What Really Happened at the Sea
TABS editors 

Finding the Source of Water in Marah
Dr. Dudu Cohen

The Song at the Sea: What Does it Celebrate?
Baruch J. Schwartz 

Song of the Sea: Does God Split the Sea in the Song of the Sea?
Dov Bear

Shabbat HaYom, HaYom, HaYom
Stylistic Repetition or Polemical Assertion that Shabbat Starts in the Morning?
Hacham Dr. Isaac Sassoon

Splitting the Sea, Manna from Heaven, Defeating Amalek: What Makes Something a Miracle? 
Dr. Michael Avioz


The Existence of Two Versions of the Decalogue: The Approaches of Chazal and the Pashtanim
Prof.Rabbi Martin Lockshin

Ten Insights about the Ten Commandments
Prof. Marc Brettler

Preserving Multiple Opinions  
Prof. Jeffrey H. Tigay

A Hasidic Matan Torah: The Revelation of the Divine Voice Within 
Yoel S.

The Source Critic and the Religious Interpreter
Prof. Benjamin D. Sommer 

What really happened at Sinai? Fours Answers to one Biblical question.
Prof. Baruch Schwartz

Judaism without Sinai?
Dr. Rabbi David Frankel

Speculating about the Original Text of the Decalogue
Dr. Tzemah Yoreh


The Law of the Hebrew Slave: Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy
Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber 

The Law of the Hebrew Slave: Reading the Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy Law Collections as Complementary
Dr. Aaron Koller

The Centrality of Law: 4 Accounts of Revelation with 4 Sets of Laws – But One Religion 
Prof. Benjamin D. Sommer

The Prohibition of Meat and Milk: Its Origins in the Text 

Bring the man to the carcass or the carcass to the man? 

Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber 


אין מוקדם ומאוחר בתורה – Highlighting Juxtaposition in the Torah
Dr. Isaac Gottlieb

Eternity in the Face of Change Repetition and the Tabernacle
Dr. Amy Cooper Robertson

A Mishkan (Tabernacle) Specialist
Ten Questions with Dr. Amy Cooper Robertson

The Cherubim: Their Role on the Ark in the Holy of Holies
Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.


The Zer
Raanan Eichler

The “Garments” of the High Priest: Anthropomorphism in the Worship of God 
Dr Baruch J Schwartz

The Urim VeTumim 
Yoel S.

Ki Tisa

From a Political Polemic to a Religious Sin: Reading the Golden Calves of Sinai and Northern Israel in Context
Dr. Frederick E. Greenspahn

The Smashing of the Luchot as a Paradigm Shift
Rabbi Herzl Hefter 

Dancing Erotically with the Golden Calf And Moses’ Decision to Break the Tablets
Dr. David Ben-Gad HaCohen


The Tabernacle, The Creation, and the Ideal of an Orderly World
Rabbi Dr. Naftali S. Cohn

Bezalel Ben Uri and The Impotence of Foreign Deities
Rabbi Jeremy Morrison


The Tabernacle, The Creation, and the Ideal of an Orderly World
Rabbi Dr. Naftali S. Cohn

Aaron the Accommodator 
Dr. Tzemah Yoreh



Expiating with Blood
Dr Yitzahq Feder 

“The LORD Spoke to Moses”– Does God Speak?
Dr. Baruch J. Schwartz 


Is God Truly Everywhere? Sacred Space and the Role of Sacrifices
Prof. Baruch A. Levine


The Incident of Nadav and Avihu: A Mysterious Transgression or a Mysterious Deity? 
Prof. Ed Greenstein


Mother and Child:  Postpartum Defilement and Circumcision 
Dr. Tzvi Novick


Biblical Purification: Was it Immersion? The Archaeological and Textual Evidence 
Dr Haya Katz

The Purification of a Niddah: The Torah Requirement 
Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.

The Purification of a Niddah: The Legal Responsibility of the Reader – A Rejoinder
Dr. Yitzhaq Feder 

The Purification of a Niddah:When Silence Matters
Hakham Dr. Isaac Sassoon

 Acharei Mot

The Historical Uniqueness and Centrality of Yom Kippur 
Prof. Isaac Kalimi 


The Concept of Kedusha (Sanctity)
Prof. Israel Knohl


The Embarrassing Case of the Blasphemer Did God Really Want him Dead?
Dr Serge Forlov

The Prohibition of Shaving in the Torah and Halacha
Rabbi Zev Farber 


The Jubilee Real Estate Law: Cities vs. Villages Or Houses vs. Farmsteads  
Prof. Avraham Faust


How Do We Conceive the Divine? 
Prof. Marvin A. Sweeney




Nazir Shimshon:The Critical and Traditional Approaches 
Ely Levine Ph.D 

What was the role and prominence of a Nazir? – Was Shmuel the prophet a Nazir? – Does God or a Voice speak from between the CherubimThe Priestly Benediction


The Evolution and Innovation of Pesach Sheni  
Dr Stephen Garfinkel 

Chronology is the backbone of History – Two versions of the Quail Story – Moses’  Ethiopian Wife


The Scout Story: A Guided Reading 
Dr. Rachel Havrelock

Why was Joshua Singled out by Moses? A new insight into an age old question 
Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber 

Parsha Tabs
Whose Idea was it to Send Scouts?

Who were the Loyal Scouts?  Caleb and Joshua or only Caleb?

What Melacha did the Wood Gatherer Violate?


The Mysterious  Literary Life and Death of Korah
Dr. Rachel Adelman

The Double Rebellion  and the Defense of God’s Chosen 

Why Were we demoted? The Levite Rebellion Against The Priesthood 
Prof. Emerita Adele Berlin 

Korah, Datan and Abiram:  A Case Study For The Methods of Academic Biblical Studies 

Parsha Tabs 
How did Korach Die? 
Where did On Disappear to? 
“I have not Taken a Donkey!”


The Rites of the Red Heifer 
Prof. Rabbi Michael Chernick 

Is it Possible to Make Sense of a Biblical Ritual
Prof. Ed Greenstein


A Pagan “Prophet Like Moses” – Balaam and the Problem of Other People’s Revelation 
Dr Seth Sanders

Who was Balaam’s God: YHWH El? Or Bull El? 
Rabbi Dr. Robert Harris 

Is Balaam a Hero or a Villain


How Ancient Scribes Tried to Make Sense of the Composite Story of Baal Peor 
Dr Itamar Kislev

Moses: A Betwixt and Between leader  
Jill Katz Ph.D.

What Do Genealogies Teach Us About Torah?


Redacting the Relationship to the Transjordanian Tribes: Kinship versus Commandment
Dr. Jacob Wright

The Tribe of Gad and the Mesha Stele 
Aaron Koller Ph.D.



Why Conclude with the Daughters of Zelophehad?
Dr. David A. Bernat



Sefer Devarim’s Jewish  Democratic and Egalitarian Agenda
An In-Depth Studyof Deuteronomy’s  Polemical Revision of the Yitro/Judges Account
Rabbi Dr. David Frankel 

It is Very Close to You: Why Devarim Matters to Jews Today
Shoshana Cohen

The Opening of Devarim: A Recounting or Different Version of the Wilderness Experience?

Expanding Torah: Redaction Criticism – Modern Midrash 

The Ibn Ezras Secret (12thCentury): Late Editorial Comments in the opening Chapters of Deuteronomy 
Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.

The Significance of Ibn Ezra’s Position that Verses were Added to the Torah 
Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D.


The Cycle of Life and Torah: Accepting Our Mortality
Dr. Moshe Lavee

The Two Shabbat of the Decalogue: A Historical Approach 
Rabbi Norman Solomon Ph.D.


The Golden Calf: Comparing the Two versions 

Theological Revolution In Devarim
Dr. S. Tamar Kamionkowski

What was the Golden Calf?: Exodus Versus Deuteronomy 
Deena Grant Ph.D. 


Deuteronomy: Religious Centralization or Decentralization?
Dr. Baruch Alster

Meat or Murder?  Dietary Dilemmas in Biblical Law
Dr Yitzhaq Feder


Judges who are Magistrates: Who were the Shoftim?
Dr. Mark Leuchter

Stoning the Idolater: The Significance of Proper Procedure
Prof. Shalom Holtz

Ki Tetze

Deuteronomy’s Uncompromising Demand for Women’s Sexual Fidelity
Dr. Cynthia Edenburg

Marrying Your Daughter to Her Rapist 
Rabbi Zev Farber Ph.D. 

The Rape of the Unbetrothed Virgin  in Torah and Assyrian Law:
A Comparative Analysis
Eve Levavi Feinstein, Ph.D.

Ki Tavo

The Surprising Omission of  the Sinai Theophany in the Bikkurim Ritual Declaration
Prof. Rabbi Pamela Barmash

The Novel Introduction of Blessings into our Treaty with God
Prof. Rabbi Pamela Barmash

Did an Aramean (Try to) Destroy our Father?: A Medieval Non-Traditional interpretation 
Rabbi Dr. Marty Lockshin

Nitzavim & Vayelech

Committing to the Covenant “Today”  
Prof. Everett Fox

The Hakhel Ceremony: Who, What, When and Where
Prof. Marc Brettler

Is Judaism Meant to have Exclusive Religious Secrets?
Rabbi David Levin-Kruss 

Are there Secondary Gods?


Exploring the Multiple Metaphors for God in Shirat Haazinu
Dr. Rabbi Andrea L. Weiss

Does the Torah End with “The End”?
Prof. Richard Elliott Friedman 

 VeZot HaBeracha

Mixed Blessings 
Dr. Adriane Leveen

A Bible Scholar’s Simchat Torah: The Joy of Unraveling the Torah’s Mysteries 
Dr Baruch Schwartz